What we do

Building Better Communities

We are here to serve our clients and communities firstly by listening to our communities, so that they have a voice to identify gaps and influence the design and delivery of our projects . We are here to help address isolation made worse by Covid and help with the cost of living crisis through our Safe Space, Warm Welcome projects.

Why JCT?

We are ideally placed to help because all frontline staff are rooted in our local communities, have lived-experience and amongst them speak 12 languages. We hold regular consultation events for our communities that are always fun days too!. We are co-located with the Council’s rough sleeper team, work closely with all local key agencies including the Immigration teams, CRMC and the Law Centre. Coventry has recently received 200 refugees increasing the need for our help and as an OISC accredited organisation we are ideally placed to help.

We provide direct help with:

  • Gaining and retaining accommodation, benefits, identity documents, immigration status.
  • Advocacy, mentoring and support to help clients settle, overcoming barriers and fears.

What does this mean we can provide help for?

  • Benefit Applications- Universal Credit, JSA, ESA, Work capability assessment, PIP and many others.
  • Applications for issuance of legal documents such as. Biometrics, Passports and Tavel documents.
  • Immigration applications including limited Leave to remain, Indefinite leave,
    settlement, Naturalisation and further support for migrants & asylum seekers
    such as S95, S98, S4 applications and migrant help.
  • Food vouchers for low-income household

We walk side by side with our clients when we make referrals to partner services that can assist with:

  • Health care services including GP registration, Dentist and opticians.
  • School admissions and appeals
  • Access to employment, CV writing, Job applications, language courses referrals
  • Legal help for Complex immigration/asylum cases
  • Substance misuse and addiction
  • Debt management and financial matters
  • Supplies for furnishings or other home requirements

If you live in our local community and would like to know more, please see our Midlands Services tab below

If you are a professional and would like to refer a client to us, please compete our simple, two-page form.

If you are not a professional worker, but for example a church or faith leader, please complete the form with the essential details of name and contact details if you cannot complete the rest.

If you have any queries, or would like to receive a referral form, please email .

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