What we do

JCT’s central aim is to break the cycles of poverty, homelessness and destitution. We are kind, friendly professionals that believe being kind is helping people out of their situation. We provide immediate response to crisis providing specialist help as well as ongoing support. We work collaboratively with the Councils in each of our regions and all agencies that help our client group.

We are members of Homeless Link, and all our staff are trained in trauma-informed and strength-based practices. We use the Inform Database from Homeless Link to record and track the client journey and their outcomes. We also provide translation for a total of 6 languages Farsi, Dari, Romanian, German, South Korean and Dutch across both of our regions.

Direct Support

  • Providing access to accommodation including hostels for immediate housing, and applications to Councils for ‘duty’ or private landlords for a room or flat;
  • Making benefit applications and dealing with appeals;
  • Gain documents vital to housing and sustainable living such as passports, birth certificates.
  • OISC Level one accredited advice. We provide advice to refugees and asylum seekers and to EU Migrants. We are currently accredited for OISC level one advice and are applying for level two accreditation.
  • Advocacy and support to help clients overcome barriers, fears and phobias that prevent gaining or retaining housing. Examples include fear of external agencies, fear of health services, fear of paperwork.

Referrals to our partners and other local agencies

We make referrals to other agencies to help with problems we cannot address directly. We support the client every step of the way and monitor their progress. This means that we are not passing on a problem, but supporting our clients through their journey from homelessness to being housed and a valued part of the community. Other services include

  • Health: Helping clients to access health care, addiction and mental health support including health teams onsite at our Resource Hubs;
  • Employment: to access employment, training and other courses;
  • Legal and other specialist services such as for immigration issues, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Offending teams working with the Police and Probation and other local offender support services.

Current Programmes and Projects

We have two programmes REACT and Let’s Talk. REACT provides a rapid response to crisis and ongoing support through casework and advocacy. Let’s Talk aims to harness the expertise that people with lived experience of homelessness or being an asylum seeker or refugee, to influence how services develop to work best for them.

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