Sustainable Housing

Homelessness Strategy

We believe that homelessness is a temporary condition, rather than a life sentence. Our services are designed to support people throughout various stages of their journey, addressing both short term practical challenges as well as complex underlying issues. Through our React and Let’s talk programme, we help over 800 clients a year to rebuild their lives and find sustainable pathways out of homelessness. Our support is broad and holistic in nature, encompassing prevention, intervention and recovery work.

Prevention: Through specialist housing and immigration casework we support clients to sustain their tenancies, resolve immigration issues and avoid evictions or becoming homeless in the first place.

Intervention: The React program focuses on intervening at critical moments during a housing crisis, and includes supporting rough sleepers to find quick and safe pathways off the streets and into emergency and move-on accommodation

Recovery: Through partnerships with our service users, we facilitate a variety of peer-led support groups. These range from community lunch events to small group workshops aimed at building resilience and empowering clients to engage meaningfully with their communities.