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Ask about English Conversation and Creativity

If you, or someone you know, would like to know more about the pre-ESOL, Functional Skills and Conversation sessions then email

A confidence boost

Arriving in a foreign land and not knowing the language, not being able to understand or to be understood is  a massive challenge for so many. How things work in a different culture, even what and what isn’t important can be totally misread. At the Midlands hub and particularly our Coventry base we aim to give people the confidence to try out their English. Here people can familiarise themselves with our UK customs and culture, learn to introduce themselves and grow in confidence enough to handle job interviews, school interviews or know how to deal with doctors or other professionals, as well, of course, as making friends. 

 Functional skills

 What happens at the post office? How to get in touch with a doctor and what to expect when you phone, how does our social service work? What are our educational services like and what are the procedures? How do you join a library and so much more. There is a lot to learn about this amazing country and we can help people navigate the unfamiliar territory as they gain confidence with your spoken and written English. 

 Creative Conversation

Making and chatting, painting and laughing together as we find our way forwards in creativity groups. Anyone can come along (not running during covid-19 times) and help make cards to sell online. You will learn to be creative with projects anyone can do, even the most unartistic or creative. You will have a go at using a sewing machine, making cards and learn how to sell and buy things using facebook marketplace, (if you have a facebook account that is.) Come along an join the fun.