Clothing Bank

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has donated clothes for this cold weather. Running a clothing bank in lockdown and COVID-19 days is a challenge. We have to take extra precautions, and operate rigorous cleaning practices. It is all more effort than normal, but no less appreciated by those who are cold or who really need those extra layers.


Offering people clean clothes can make all the difference to peoples self-respect, or even their ability to get a job or that flat they have been after. During COVID it is difficult to offer a laundry service, but with extra precautions and delays to quarantine clothes, we are able to offer this service. 

Sleeping bags

Some rough sleepers who have not yet been placed in hotels are needing sleeping bags, as are those who are newly on the streets. Thank you for your kind donations of sleeping bags, warm layers, hats and gloves. They are well used. 

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