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REACT Rapid Engagement and Crisis Team

REACT is our programme of Rapid Engagement to help people in housing crisis. The REACT program helps people who are rough sleeping or vulnerably housed. REACT aims to help clients quickly by connecting you to all the right agencies and supporting you in your journey. Housing vulnerability can occur quickly because of a change in circumstances or stem from many complex and interlinked problems. These include access to benefits, immigration status, relationship breakdown, offending, substance misuse and physical and mental health issues. 

JCT can provide help to people with or without recourse to public funding. We can help directly with housing and benefits issues importantly linking people to the right services. We will make sure a person is linked with Council services, and other agencies, for example, health and employment support. The JCT team work remotely, at partner locations or onsite at our ‘Resource Hub’ located in Lamb Street, Coventry  (when Covid limitations allow).  We regret we cannot take walk-ins and access is by referral and appointment only. Emailing us is by far the best way to gain help quickly ()

thanks for helping

Thanks for all you have done to help me. Now I’ve got a smile on my face”


There are many stories and messages from those who have been helped out of crisis and are now in a much better place and able to tell their story and say a heartfelt thanks to the REACT team. Read some of these stories here.

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk is our sister programme to REACT and provides follow-on support to complement casework. This will be available to people going through our REACT programme once we have helped them out of crisis. We will discuss options as available with all of our REACT clients.

Everyone In

Coventry City Council’s ‘Everyone In’ initiative has been a great success, ensuring that rough sleepers have a place in the hotels. The JCT Casework Team work in the hotels with clients in partnership with the Council and other agencies, to provide support for accommodation and linked issues that prevent sustainable living and housing.


Let’s Talk



Meet Faranak and Mihaela

Faranak leads on our Midlands services and casework and Mihaela works as a Project Officer with clients assisting Faranak. They both speak other languages additional to English, which means that JCT can work with Farsi, Dari (Faranak), and Romanian (Mihaela) speakers fluently to help resolve homelessness issues. Email us at  for further information.

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Working in partnership with many other agencies

JCT works closely in collaboration with Coventry City Council and a wide range of partners that together, cover all client needs. Coordinated by Coventry City Council, we are part of the Homelessness Forum and associated groups, so we are well placed to meet client needs to resolve homelessness issues. Email us at  for further information.

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