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Meeting the need of rough sleepers and those in crisis

Many rough sleepers have been helped enourmously by the ‘Everyone One in’ initiative where those with no accomodation can have a temporary bed space in one of the allocated hotels. However others have slipped through this net.

 Free showers, laundry and clean clothes

Many are unable to self isolate or keep themselves clean in this time of difficulty. This can be for many reasons and includes rough sleepers and those in poverty. If you know someone this applies to please get in touch, the details are at the foot of the page. JCT have been able to focus resources to help those with no accomodation and no ability to self isolate or maintain hygiene  offering free howers, laundry services, toiletries and clean clothing during this time.

There are several groups in Westminster, including voluntary groups, who are working together to address this need,   and sign post to each other.  

 Referral Only Hygiene Hub and Casework

The Hub operates as a referral only,  appointment-based system in close collaboration with Westminster outreach teams and other voluntary partners. Up to 100 people a week have been accessing this facility.

If you know of anyone who is rough sleeping or who is in temporary accommodation our caseworkers may be able to help or advice towards a forward move to something more secure in these tough times.

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