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Through these turbulent times, the resource hub offers stability and support for people who find themselves at the sharpest end of London’s housing crisis. While in-door building space has become a rare commodity in our post-pandemic world, the hub is a flexible, person-centred approach to providing crisis support in a warm, safe and welcoming environment. This has involved some creativity, strategic partnership work, and a lot of hard work. But the transformation has enabled us to focus on the two things that matter the most: helping people find a place to call home and doing this in a way that dignifies and focuses on the individual.

Opening Times:  Mon – Friday 9:00 – 3:30 

Homelessness Support

Our mission is to support people experiencing homelessness to find a safe, sustainable and quick pathway off the streets. 

We do this through a combination of direct support through our RoadMap Project,  and referrals to our partner accommodation providers.

Winter Shelter Referrals:  This winter we are continuing our partnership with C4WS Homelessness Project to facilitate access to emergency and sustainable accommodation. 


To access this or other housing related support please  request an appointment via emailing our resource hub manager or ring us on 0207 637 0600  (Mon – Fri 9:00 -3:30)

Emergency outside hour support:  StreetLink



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Working in amazing teams

By working together many people can be helped to take the next step. Many people are in crisis and by having the time and focus to work with each person in one to one case work we have seen hundreds of people helped into whatever is the next step for them. For some it is accommodation where they had none, For others it is more permanent and secure accommodation.


Working in partnership with many other agencies

JCT could not function without support from, and collaboration with, many other agencies. Thank you to all of our partners, without each other we could not make the differences to peoples' lives that together we achieve. 

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