REACT (Rapid Engagement Crisis Team)

REACT is one of our two main programmes and is a new enhanced support service developed by JCT and augmented as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. It consists of a team of dedicated staff who will collaborate, research and respond with remote but rapid support for people who are homeless, vulnerably housed and others in economic crisis.

The programme is a collaboration between our London and Midlands services and aims to provide direct relief of need and facilitate access to other services. Through a helpline and a caseworker team, React will:

  • Offer information, advice & guidance;
  • Co-ordinate accommodation and emergency support;
  • Provide practical help to access food, travel or other basic needs; Offer benefits and debt advice;

Referrals can be made via our crisis helplines by emailing the region you are in either  or for a rapid response. REACT is part of the Response Phase of our strategy to respond to the current crisis and reshape services for challenging times.