Midlands Services

How we work

Our friendly, professional team who all have lived experience of immigration are there to walk you through what is needed. As we offer 12 languages, we are there to literally speak your language!

Current projects

1. Welcome Project

This is our overarching project that offers rapid intervention to help get you out of crisis, or spiralling problems.

2. Building Better Communities

This is a project in development that seeks to ensure our communities and people with lived-experience not only gain help, but to have a say. Our clients and communities will define what their needs are themselves and take part in our ‘Project Board’ to directly influence the design and delivery of our services. Watch this space for more news!

3. Safe Space, Warm Welcome

We offer sessions during the week for you to come and relax, play games, take part in activities, keep warm, have some delicious food and access our casework too!

4. OISC Accredited Advice

We are accredited to level one, currently aiming for level two. This means we can help with immigration issues swiftly and professionally.

5. Hardship funds

Essential to help alleviate crisis and provide that little bit of extra help needed during a cost of living crisis. We can apply for various funding to help with items such as travel, emergency accommodation and more. Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask us!

6. Fun Days and Consultation events

These will run regularly – come and join us and have some fun! We will publicise these events on our home page.

If you need help, never hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling us.

Email us at (this is the best and quickest way for a response)

Call us on 07513 812 766 which is our Duty phone between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays.

“Losing your flat is like losing everything. I was so distressed when I rang and I didn’t know where else to turn. I was sure I  would be out on the streets before the weekend.  But after chatting with me for a while the support worker helped me realise that there may be another solution because of the abuse and harm  I had suffered. After a few hours, they found a safe place to stay while my asylum case got looked into. I am so happy now that I  now have a roof over my head and there looks like there may be hope for my future.”

Shima's story