Daniel faced eviction
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Daniel had had a stroke, and was about to be evicted

11th December 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

“I first sought the help of Coventry JCT a couple of months ago when I didn’t know where to turn.

I was working and had a room in a shared house. But then I had a stroke. I have still not fully recovered from that and now have mobility and speech problems. Being on SSP made it really tough to pay the bills. Separate to my stroke my landlord, prior to Coronavirus, was going to repurpose the house. In spite of COVID, he continued to serve an eviction notice to us all. He gave us good notice, but as I was still very ill I had not been able to take any action.  I had less than two weeks to find accommodation. Being on SSP and with impaired speech and mobility this was totally overwhelming. I came to the JCT Resources Hub for help. They worked through the eviction ban with the landlord so I can now stay until next year; sorted out my financial black hole; and got some financial help; plus they have spoken on my behalf on phone appointments where I could not be understood and helped me with the forms. It really has been a big turning point for me. They have been so kind, and, well….amazing!”

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