Sad man
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Help with mental health struggle during COVID-19

11th November 2020 | Midlands, Stories | 0 comments

Sad man

Lockdown magnifies isolation

(Names are changed)

Before lockdown, ‘Mark’ who has a number of mental health challenges, would come to the Coventry JCT most days. He could get the support he needed but also loved to give back and help out at the centre. Visiting the centre helped keep Mark stable mentally. The JCT support workers were also helping Mark with his PIP (Personal Independence Payment) application and generally sort out benefits.

COVID-19 lockdown brings mental crisis

For Mark the lockdown meant a temporary end to the visits to the centre and with it an end to the support he needed to maintain his mental stability. Mark, like so many of us, needed that regular human contact. One of the support workers in Coventry JCT realised the crisis Mark may be in and went to visit him. Mark was isolated and had a paranoia of going outside and he had no phone.

Great results, though still some struggles

The support worker was able to give a phone to Mark. Result. Mark could now phone people to keep in touch or contact on social media. Plus, Mark could now keep in touch with his benefits claims progress and arrange appointments. The support worker could also help Mark out with bringing shopping as he was just too paranoid to go out. Mark really values the support workers visits and help. Although he continues to struggle with his mental health issues. Joint visits with a worker from the Mental Health Crisis team have managed to help Mark through his thoughts of suicide.

Support continues!


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