An allotment shed was the home for me and my dog

7th January 2021 | Sustainable Housing | 0 comments

Darren had been sleeping in his allotment after losing his flat. As the weather got wetter he was desperate to find a room somewhere to call home. Illness had caused Darren to fall behind with his rent, and end up in financial trouble. His landlord, who was not meant to evict him during Covid-19 lockdown, did so anyway, and Darren, not being aware of the restrictions on landlords, went anyway. He and his dog found the allotment a peaceful and pleasant place at first, but as it got cold and wet Darren was desperate, cold and hungry.

I just didn’t know where to turn

Darren rang Coventry JCT for help. The team were able to get him on the emergency housing list immediately and get him sorted for accommodation. Then to take a careful look at his financial situation to see where they could help.
Darren said that he just had not known where to turn until a friend suggested giving us a call. For Darren JCT Coventry was a good first step out of his crisis.

alottment shed


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