About us

JCT – Joining Communities Together

Joining Communities Together, known as JCT, is an independent registered charity established in 2015, built by local people. We are proud to be a Christian charity that welcomes people of all faiths or no faith. The charity was set up to help people out of poverty, aid leisure and integration into communities, address isolation and generally help people restore their dignity and enjoy their communities. Over the years, we have worked hard to ensure we address gaps in provision. As a result, we now focus operations on Coventry and specialise in building better communities. We are very proud to provide OISC accredited advice to level two. We work in multi-agency partnerships, side by side with the Council and key agencies in the area. JCT builds the dignity and independence of every individual with whom we work.

Our vision

At JCT, our vision is to see people change their lives and exit poverty, isolation and be a valued member of their communities.

Our mission

We provide immediate response to crisis by direct intervention and link our clients to all the specialist help they need. We address issues such as lack of accommodation, income, benefits, documentation and status. We provide OISC level two immigration advice directly. We have a network of partner agencies who will provide help with for example, ill-health (mental and physical), drug and alcohol misuse, debt, legal advice and employment. There are six key aspects to our service that help us be client focused and responsive to need:

  • We are kind to people but honest and professional at the same time.
  • Immediate, quick, responsive crisis intervention to prevent destitution and further decline
  • Helping clients gain or retain housing through our specialist, bespoke, holistic support to address the wider issues that keep people out of sustainable housing.
  • Well trained staff in trauma-informed, psychological inform environments, strength-based practices with coproduction at the heart of what we do.
  • Immigration advice through our OISC accredited advice to level two
  • We offer a range of languages including Farsi, Dari, French, German and Swahili. We have volunteers that offer other languages too.

Our Faith Ethos

JCT is a Christian charity that welcomes people of all faiths and none. This means that we are a charity built on Christian foundations where every single person is celebrated as unique and with potential, but do not proselytise in any way. Please see the attached Faith Ethos Statement which I hope you will read with interest.