Joining Communities Together

JCT is a registered charity that has established centres in London and Coventry and operates services across the Midlands. The aim of the charity is to help people in need focusing on resolving homelessness and crisis. Each centre hosts a Resource Hub and provides services to help people out of crisis and into sustainable living and housing. We have two main programmes – REACT and Let’s Talk. Our REACT programme provides casework and crisis support and Let’s Talk provides language and online or group support that can help relieve isolation and lonliness.


As a charity, we recognise that services do not work well acting in isolation. This means that to be effective, not least of all during Covid times, we ensure services and people join together to create effective communities of support.


JCT Clients will include many rough sleepers or those who are vulnerably housed referred via the Council in each region and their key partners. Many of these clients have issues of immigration and language and we provide services to help with this referring to legal advice for immigration issues.



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Is it a bridge, a rainbow or an umbrella?

Our JCT stylised logo image is of a bridge, (or is it a rainbow or an umbrella?). These are all significant as JCT continues to help those in need. A bridge to a better life, an umbrella symbolising shelter from the storm, and the rainbow of hope for a better life. The charity’s working name is  ‘ Joining Communities Together’ and that is what JCT stands for a bridge to hope and a better life for our clients.


Covid response shapes the services

During the pandemic, JCT staff are collaborating and are working diligently to adapt existing services and develop new projects for people in social and economic hardship. Our plan is to channel our resources where they are most needed and to continue to support the homeless, elderly and refugees who are struggling even more throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.


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Working in amazing teams

A day at JCT.Charity can be fast-paced and demanding. We want to say a massive thank you to those who volunteer and help out in so many ways. You help make JCT what it is. You are part of the success story and why so many people are helped to move on with their lives. Thank you.

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Working in partnership with many other agencies

JCT could not function without support from, and collaboration with, many other agencies. Thank you to all of our partners, without each other we could not make the differences to peoples' lives that together we achieve. 

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Cause for celebration

people were housed or helped to keep their accommodation in 2019

people were upskilled in 2019

people were helped to access benefits or other services in 2019

clients significantly helped with their next step in 2019

People sought help or advice in 2019

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