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JCT – Joining Communities Together (known as JCT for short) was built by local people to respond to local need to relieve poverty, disadvantage and destitution. We focus on resolving the biggest crises of the time which has included homelessness, immigration and isolation. Communities and problems may change, but our vision and mission remain much the same. We help those in crisis to resolve their problems and become integrated and happy in their communities.

How do we help people? All frontline staff have lived experience and speak 12 languages between them.

  •  we listen to our local communities and those with lived-experience.
  • we bring real, positive change to our clients lives as standard with targeted and bespoke casework
  • we are more embedded in the local and regional partnerships adding synergy and avoiding duplication
  • we are co-located with Coventry City Council’s Rough Sleeper Team
  • we linked with like-minded partners who don’t do what we do
  • We are agile and flexible, responding to client needs
  • Coproduction underpins everything we do

Watch this space for our rolling programme of consultation events. Our recent consultation events told us this:

You said you have experienced multiple levels of trauma during your journey of immigration which impacted across all areas of your life. Loneliness, isolation, poverty, housing issues, unemployment are denting you physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially.

We responded by setting up our ‘Safe Space, Warm Welcome Project’ – come and join in the fun! Enjoy group sessions, activities and have access to staff for short and long-tern trauma relief by staff with an immigration background themselves. We are also developing our ‘Building Better Communities Together Project’ and we invite you to be part of our Project Board. We will help resolve as many issues as we can to make your lives better, This includes setting up women specific groups, increase employability through help with your CV, work clothing and to access work experience and training.

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